I’m pretty hot for this giant Roman pot

My name is Dr. Susan Kooiman, and I am passionate about two things: old things and food. These passions have led me down the path to studying the archaeology of food and cooking. I investigate these topics primarily through ceramic cooking pots, which, while fascinating technological art forms themselves, also carry the signatures of past cooking styles and the foods once processed within their walls. This blog covers various topics concerning ancient pottery and cuisine, as well as my dissertation research, which explores these issues in the setting of the Upper Great Lakes of North America.

My educational background includes degrees in BA in Anthropology and History (University of Wisconsin-Madison), an MS in Archaeology (Illinois State University), an MA in Anthropology (Michigan State University), and a PhD in Anthropology (Michigan State University).

Funding for my research courtesy of the National Science Foundation, the MSU Graduate School, and the MSU College of Social Science.

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