Hot for Pots (and Crazy for Cuisine): A Blog about Food and Cooking in the Past and Present

Hi there. Do you eat food? Oh, good.

Do you enjoy eating food? Well, even better!

Food is one of my great passions. I love it. I also know that I am not alone, considering there are entire cable channels and social media sites devoted to it. I also know that this is just one of many blogs devoted to food, but this blog is different than most: it will focus on food from the ancient past, and how it relates to the food culture of today.


Crazy about Greek cuisine

Perhaps you’ve never really thought much about the food of the past. Or maybe you are an adherent of the Paleo diet and think A LOT about what our ancestors ate. Either way, I hope that I can convince you of the importance of understanding how the past has shaped the present, and that food can help us connect to and understand both people of the past and ourselves.

This will be accomplished largely through detailing my dissertation research, which explores the diet, cooking traditions, and cooking tools of indigenous groups occupying Michigan’s Upper Peninsula between AD 0 and AD 1600. Not only will I be detailing what I learn throughout the research process, I will also blog about more general topics concerning archaeology, pottery, and foodways.


Passionate about this giant pot at the Roman site of Herculaneum

“Wait,” you’re thinking; “why is a blog about food called ‘Hot for Pots’?” Pottery was my first archaeological love, so much so that I made “@hotforpots” my Twitter handle (follow me!). But the central role of cooking pots in many ancient cooking traditions means they are important in food studies, too. Most of my own research is conducted through investigation of food residues found preserved in ancient ceramic cooking pots.


I know that many people think that archaeology is all about exciting Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunting, but actual archaeological research is much slower and more methodical and scientific than depicted in popular culture. I hope to show you some of the processes and methods that go into doing proper archaeological research but, you know, in a fun way! Although it is often tedious, research can also be pretty exciting.

I hope you, my readers, will both enjoy my posts and learn a little along the way.


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